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Ltd.Coco Harete

Representative Director and President

​Business description

◇ Talent business mainly for TV appearances
◇ Lecture business on labor issues and improving the environment for youth employment (more than 500 times in the past)

◇Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Support and Entrepreneurship Support Activities (mainly depopulated areas in Hokkaido and Asahikawa)

◇ Construction and operation of complex commercial facilities that achieve both urban revitalization (effective utilization of idle land) and support (incubation) for people who want to open stores

◇ Formulation and operation of a sustainable regional economy revitalization project through industry-government-academia collaboration

ASAHIKAWA_HARETE_logo_symbol のコピー.jpg

Centered on Japan's core cities,

Born, raised and educated there

in the areastarting a businessdeath,

From therechallenge the world

develop human resources

Entrepreneurship support type regional revitalization company


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