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1979 Year8 Moon 13 born

Asahikawa, Hokkaidowhere one is from

Former member of the House of Representatives


Born August 13, 1979 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Dropped out of Tsukuba University in March 2004.


After working as a temporary employee and working for a foreign securities company, he was the youngest person to win the general election in September 2005. Belongs to the Health, Labor and Welfare Committee and the Accounting and Administration Oversight Committee. Specializes in labor issues, especially efforts to improve the environment for youth employment, such as the NEET/freeter problem.

Currently, while working in the media such as TV, radio, and magazines, he gives lectures all over the country on the theme of politics and economics, talking about his own experiences, such as being a temporary employee to a member of the Diet, losing an election and turning from unemployed to a talent. conduct.

Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design Doctoral Program with required credits completed.
We are conducting joint research with Otoineppu Village in Hokkaido on countermeasures against population decline and depopulated areas.

From KADOKAWA, published "Investment" "Side Job" Learning the basics of money from scratch Revolution of how to make money".

Her hobby is tennis. In his personal life, he is the father of three children.


Main appearance program

・ Regular commentator on TBS “Sunday Japon” every Sunday at 9:54 am

・ TV Asahi “Yoko Oshita Wide! Scramble” broadcast every Monday to Friday at 10:25 Regular commentator on Wednesdays

・Yomiuri TV "Information Live Miyaneya" broadcast every Monday to Friday at 13:55 Commentator every other Monday

・Yomiuri TV "Koji Imada's spoiler MTG" broadcast every Saturday at 11:55 biweekly commentator

・ TV Asahi "Beat Takeshi's TV Tackle" broadcast irregularly every Sunday at 11:55

・ TV Hokkaido “Kei Navi ~ Support! Dosanko Economy” broadcast MC every Saturday at 11:00

・ Tokyo MX TV "Taizou Sugimura's passion teacher" irregular broadcast MC

・Tokyo MX TV "Barairo Dandy" broadcast every Monday to Friday at 21:00 irregular appearance


Example of lecture title

Career development, self-producing, work style related

“Taizō-style Seizing Opportunities”
“‘Idiots live on’ ~ LOL!

"A great reversal of life from the bottom"

“Lecture on Money, Life Planning, and the Power to Live by Taizou Sugimura”

Taizo's "Money" and "Power to Live" Lecture -Future Ways of Working and the Secrets of Asset Building-

“You never know what will happen in life! ~Taizo-style career and asset building that I want to pass on to the younger generation~”


Finance/Economics/Investment related

"Let's get together with money! An introduction to Taizo's financial economy 'super' ~ To enhance the power to live and the power to be independent ~"
“Recommendation of Taizo Style Asset Formation”
“What will happen? The future of Japanese politics, economy and real estate investment”

“Wealth Formation and Life Planning Talked by Taizō Sugimura”

“What to do with old age assets? ~Recommendation of Taizo-style asset formation techniques”

Let's get along with money! Taizo's Introduction to Financial Economy "Super" ~In order to increase the power to live and to be independent~

"Let's think together, our future and Japan's future"

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